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About Scott's Repair Service
Scott's Repair Service is family-owned and operated in Millersport, OH. Since opening in 2007, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch. 

In 2007, after almost ten years of employment with one of the nation's largest appliance repair institutions, I founded Scott's Repair Service.  

After working for the bigger company I felt I could bring the same quality service for a much more reasonable price. In most cases, the price of the estimate from the big companies was more than my salary for the entire day. And I just felt there was a better way of doing business than to over-charge that severely. That is why my business plan has been to bring my vast years of knowledge and experience right to your door at a very reasonable price. And to provide great customer service while doing so!  

My mission statement is to bring you reliable repairs and to practice great customer service all at a reasonable price. So, when you call Scott's Repair Service you won't get someone in another country telling you they can have a service technician out in three weeks. Or better yet, press two for this and four for that. I myself get frustrated and discouraged and just hang up.  

When you call Scott's Repair Service, you will be speaking with ME, the owner or MY WIFE to discuss and schedule your service needs. If I'm on a job and you get my voicemail, I will return your call within the hour.  

When you call Scott's Repair Service, I do all the work at your home. If I don't have the part it takes to fix your equipment on my truck on the first trip to your home, I do not charge you to come back with the part in hand. The best example would be, the caller asks what I charge to come out and tune up a John Deer. I explain that I charge $85.00 and that gets me for an hour. The caller replies that the guy beside my ad in the paper only charges $50.00 for the same job. Sure, Joe charges less for the tune-up but he also charges $25.00 each way for pick up and delivery . Now, what did that cost you when he has had your mower for six weeks?! 

I am a factory trained appliance technician and service all makes and models of appliances.  Probably the most innovative side of our repair plan is the lawn and garden side. When I started this business I knew there is a mower shop or a guy someone knows who can fix a mower down the street. This poses a big problem for a lot of people. How am I supposed to get my tractor or mower to the shop when I need service? Well, most mower shops will gladly come pick up your mower for a price, charge you shop time and then bring your mower back when they are finished. Sounds great until your grass is a foot high and the mower shop is holding you hostage over that exclusive part that's on "back order" until they get caught up. 

Give us a call, we are registered with the State of Ohio and are insured to protect you and your property.